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IGP Mediventures pvt. Ltd.

IG-PURE SYRUP | Ayurvedic Blood Purifier| Pimple reduction & Glowing Skin | 200 ML

IG-PURE SYRUP | Ayurvedic Blood Purifier| Pimple reduction & Glowing Skin | 200 ML

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Rediscover the vitality of pure, radiant health with IG-Pure Syrup, a harmonious blend of time-honored botanicals meticulously crafted to purify and revitalize your blood. Enriched with Amrita, Manjistha, Kalmegh, Haridra, Mundi, and Neem, this syrup is your trusted companion on the journey to cleaner, clearer, and healthier blood.
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  1. Amrita and Manjistha:
    These crucial ingredients work in synergy to eliminate toxins from the blood, promoting a clearer and healthier complexion.
  2. Kalmegh and Haridra:
    This combination aids in reducing inflammation and supporting the body's natural detoxification processes, contributing to improved skin health.
  3. Mundi and Neem:
    Known for their antibacterial and antifungal properties, these elements help purify the blood and support a healthier immune system.

For optimal results, take 10 ml of Ig-Pure Syrup twice a day or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Shake well before use.

IG-Pure Syrup is ideally suited for individuals seeking a natural and effective solution for detoxifying the blood and promoting healthier skin.

It is especially beneficial for those dealing with skin issues related to toxins and impurities in the blood.

Net Content: 200ml

Best before: 18 Months

Manufacturing Date: December 2023 or after.

Country of origin: India

Marketed By: IGP Mediventures Private Limited

Manufactured By: IGP Nutraventures